Hunterdon Orthopaedic Institute Opens State-of-the-Art “Eco-Friendly” Facility

The Hunterdon Orthopaedic Institute (HOI) proudly unveiled its 33,000 square foot, flagship facility on the Hunterdon Medical Center (HMC)’s campus on May 16th. After years of planning and 15 months of construction, their new medical office facility is now fully operational. This state of the art, full service musculoskeletal facility features 2 instant digital X-rays units; an open air MRI scanner; over 40 spacious, wired exam rooms; a fluoroscopy suite for in office, same day spine and hip injections; and Solar and Geothermal power.

The eco-friendly design features 43 Geothermal heats pumps with 56 wells, 360 Solar panels, a state of the art, decoupled ventilation system, abundant LED lighting, daylightharvesting and watt stopper technology. LED lighting utilizes 50% less power than fluorescent. The building features extensive windows and skylights and lights that dim automatically as ambient light increases. Watt stoppers turn lights on and off automatically as staff enters and leaves rooms.

The Hunterdon Orthopaedic Institute is located at 8100 Wescott Drive, directly adjacent to the Wescott Medical Arts Center.  Hunterdon Medical Center’s Physical and Occupational Therapy is also located in the building.  The facility also boasts abundant natural light, Wi-Fi throughout, and a cafe for patients’ comfort and convenience.

Patients, providers, and local dignitaries presided at the grand opening ceremony on May 16th.  Over 200 people toured the facility after hearing toasts by HOI partners Dr.’s Robert More, Patrick Collalto, Elliot Decker and Michael Pollack.

Dr. More, the HOI partner who led the project from conception through construction reflected on the project and the mutual goals of HOI and the Hunterdon healthcare system to provide access to efficient, coordinated care. “Our goal is to enhance the overall patient experience, create a seamless network of musculoskeletal care, and promote better outcomes, ” said Dr. More. “We wanted to design a building that would offer the utmost in convenience and comfort for our patients, would allow for the continued growth of our practice, and would offer the latest innovations for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.”

Robert Wise, President and CEO of Hunterdon Healthcare, who also spoke at the event stated, “The partnership we have with our medical staff has been the key to the success of the Hunterdon Model.The Orthopaedics Institute, located on the hospital campus, physically embodies our commitment to an integrated approach to medical care that is both convenient and comprehensive. Patient convenience was also in mind when the hospital decided to expand its physical and occupational therapy programs into the building, enhancing the continuity of care.”

HOI now has a full service treatment center that, consistent with its over 40 year mission, which promotes excellence in Orthopedic, Neurological and Spine care and a building with inherent characteristics that are eco-friendly and energy efficient. Sustainable construction was the focus of the HOI and its team of architects and contractors. Installation of geothermal heating, solar panels and daylight harvesting light fixtures position the building as the one of the “most eco-friendly” facilities in the county and state.

This facility is staffed with ten physicians, seven physician extenders, and over 60 staff members committed to delivering timely and compassionate care.  Fellowship trained Orthopaedics Surgeons, Neurologists, and Interventional Physiatrist provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care to patients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. HOI is also pleased to see patients in Somerville, New Jersey. Daily service hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday; late afternoon and evening appointments are also available Monday through Thursday.

If you would like to take a regularly scheduled tour of the facility, please contact Stevetta Donaruma at 908-782-0600.

Featured in the Hunterdon County Democrat

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