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At-Home Strategies to Alleviate Arthritis Pain

About 1 in 5 Americans have arthritis. Unfortunately, the pain that accompanies the disease can be debilitating. It can prevent people from engaging in the activities they love. 

If you experience pain caused by arthritis, there is hope. Significant improvements can be achieved through lifestyle changes.

Did you know you can be proactive in reducing your arthritis pain? Lifestyle choices and habits can help improve or worsen the inflammation associated with arthritis. Our experts at MidJersey Orthopaedics, with three locations in New Jersey, share some strategies to ease the discomfort of arthritis. 

Keep a food diary to see if you have intolerances 

While everyone can benefit from eliminating sugary and processed foods, you may be surprised to learn about food intolerances, even in healthy foods, that can trigger or worsen inflammation. 

Keeping a food diary will help pinpoint your triggers. 

In addition to eliminating foods you’re intolerant to, it is worth adding foods with anti-inflammatory properties, such as fatty fish, which is high in omega 3. 

Stay active 

How can something that causes pain also lessen it? Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you have arthritis pain. However, exercise reduces swelling, stiffness, and discomfort.

Exercise lubricates the soft tissue around your joints, called cartilage, and keeps it in good condition. It keeps the muscles surrounding your joints strong, helping maintain balance and avoid falls. However, with arthritis, there are special recommendations regarding how to exercise. If you want to stay active, consult our specialists regarding the best exercises for you.

Maintain a healthy body weight  

Arthritis pain is worsened by carrying excess weight because the joints will degenerate faster when you are heavier. If you carry extra weight and have trouble losing it, our providers can refer you to a professional. 

Alternate between heat and ice 

Heat, especially in the morning, can help you stay active by loosening stiff joints. A hot shower is also beneficial. Use ice if you notice pain after exercising because it reduces inflammation and eliminates swelling. 

Get treatment for your arthritis pain

Some lifestyle changes take time before you experience a positive impact on your pain. But sometimes, you need professional assistance. Our MidJersey Orthopaedics team understands the struggles that people with arthritis face. We utilize supplements to speed healing and injections to lubricate the joints for immediate pain relief. Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about our approach to managing arthritis pain.

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